Life is not about putting something in. Life is about taking something out.

Diagnosed with Cancer at the age of 29, British based Indian, Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD), did not let it deter her from living full out. She immersed herself in an inward healing journey while running multi-million international businesses units at the same time.

Two years later she self-healed without drugs or surgery and left her corporate career to pursue her dream to make a difference to the lives of others.

As founder & CEO of Vitality Living, she teachers people world-wide to grow, transform and heal from the inside out. She is an engaging and dynamic speaker that leaves her audiences motivated, enthralled and filled with an excitement for life and work.

Through her speaking engagements Dr Choudhuri has catalysed teams in organisations to out-perform and attendees of her seminars to have a renewed zeal for life, work and living.

Dr Choudhuri has personally touched the lives of over 20000 people from 44 different countries. She certifies trainers, coaches, hypnotherapists and emotional well-being practitioners with her unique Breakthrough System.

Dr Choudhuri has been one of the main speakers at the Mind Body Festival, NLP Global Congress & EFT Conference as well facilitating trainings with organisations like General Electric, Infosys & Four Seasons.